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Delray Beach Chiropractor : Dr. David Livingston

When I was a child, I knew that being a doctor and thus being the “Quarterback or Coach” for people’s health was what I wanted to be… when I grew up!

Delray Beach Chiropractor, Dr. David Livingston

Delray Beach Chiropractor, Dr. David Livingston

I had visited many doctors in my life, in childhood as a patient and later in early adulthood as an observer seeking career guidance. While the traditional medical practice portrayed symptoms as a bad thing to be covered up with un-natural means, chiropractors welcomed symptoms as a warning sign that there was an underlying cause that must be corrected before optimum health was to be attained and subsequently maintained. As a team-athlete as a youngster and later an endurance athlete, I was a great admirer of the amazing body and how it not only finds ways to survive, but also thrives if all or most interference to optimum health was removed.

My Chiropractic Journey Begins

In 1990, I received my four year Bachelor of Science Degree at the State University of New York. In 1995, I completed the four-year chiropractic program at Life University of Chiropractic and entered an internship program in Hollywood. Upon entering Life Chiropractic, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn how chiropractic, as a healing art, can be a great facilitator for people seeking not only symptomatic relief, but optimum health as well. Consequently, chiropractic became the largest part of my wellness-lifestyle and as a result, the chiropractic purpose became easier to convey to patients.

Dr. Livingston, Delray Beach Chiropractor

Delray Beach Chiropractor, Dr. Livingston adjusting a person in the Dominican Republic.

Because I have practiced chiropractic in Delray Beach for 20+ years, I have been fortunate to learn how to determine my patients’ wants and needs; to reach them on both a spiritual and physical level because all patients are different and should be treated so. When I thus connect with a patient I am able to teach that individual not only how to get well, but to maintain health. I first do so by helping each patient return to an activity that they may have abandoned due to ill-health; an activity that they had abandoned forever. Now that’s what I call “Life-Changing” and makes me feel GREAT!


I moved to Delray Beach so that I could participate in all the outdoor sports/activities all year round and be with like-minded people. After traveling to other countries to participate in triathlons and scuba-diving trips, I decided that it was time to settle down and raise a family. I am married and am raising a bright and generous child who is loving life everyday.

As a chiropractor, I am familiar to the results of living without chiropractic adjustments as I see these ill-results in new patients each day. I do not take antibiotics when I get sick and thus let my body heal, which usually takes a half-day of rest. I am opposed to mass immunization as I know that when allowed to, our bodies can fight any disease… yours and mine are doing it as you read this… cancer, diabetes, stroke, flu, etc.

Delray Beach Chiropractor, Dr. Livingston adjusting a person in the Dominican Republic

In April 2009, Dr. Livingston went to the Dominican Republic to adjust thousands of children and adults.

At the end of April 2009, I along with 70 other chiropractors, was fortunate to have adjusted thousands of children and adults in the Dominican Republic. The people who received the chiropractic adjustments were so thankful because they would not have had the OPPORTUNITY to receive such an effective form of disease prevention and health care had we not offered our services. I add this because it is your responsibility to maintain your body’s health and continue to make “health deposits.” When you visit our Delray Beach practice, I will let you know if you are a candidate for chiropractic care and alternatively, if not.

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