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Physical and Occupational Therapy:
A Five-Step Program

Step One: Consultation

Meet with Dr. Livingston’s advanced team to discuss a plan for your improvement and a successful return to an improved life. You will convey to us the difficulties that you are experiencing with normal activities and we will integrate these into the plan as short- and long-term goals.

Step Two: Therapeutic Participation

Physical Therapy for Delray Beach

Physical therapy is designed to strengthen muscles, improve balance and increase mobility.

At this point you will undergo several therapies which are designed for your specific condition. Your condition will improve, however you may return to normal or near normal at a different rate compared to others. In addition, the rate in which you improve depends on the severity of your condition.

Step Three: Flexibility and Balance

Most conditions begin secondary to too much or too little motion activity. We will help raise your flexibility and balance to a higher level. You may experience a greater loss of pain, increased strength or improved balance at this stage.

Step Four: Strengthening

We will improve your strength to help prevent re-aggravation of your chief complaint. Furthermore, you will continue to receive other therapies proven successful with your condition.

Step Five: Prevention

You will continue to receive therapies which have offered you relief, however at this stage we will teach you how to prevent re-aggravation by using very simple, easy-to-follow home instructions.

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